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Steganos Privacy Suite is a pack of tools that helps you keeping the privacy and security of tyour system.

Data Safe allows you to create a virtual store drive of up to 512 GB where you can save all kind of files in a very safe way. When the user ends session, the safe box is closed and it's impossible to open again until the user enter the password again.

Portable Safe is simlar to 'Data Safe', but focussed on portable devices. Very useful to protect any CD, DVD or USB stick.

E-mail Encryptation allows you to encrypt e-mails. With this system, the receiver of the e-mail will need the password to read it.

Crypt and Hyde is perfect to crypt and hide files and folders, so they can't be found by other users.

Password Manager is useful to admin your passwords. Because sometimes we have lots of passwords and uesers and we need an application to remember all of them.

Private Favorites encodes your Internet favoritesand makes them viewable only to those users who know the password.

Shredder allows you to destroy files and leave no traces of them.

In short, If you want to keep privacy, Steganos Privacy Suite is a pack of applications you should take into account.

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